If you already have a working wifi network and you want NMEA4WIFI to join that network as a Client Station, you should check the box CONNECT. You enter here the authentication parameters that NEMA2WIFI should use to join this external network. Ssid and Password can have a maximum of 15 characters and a minimum of 4 and 8 characters, respectively. The IP address of the multiplexer on this external network can be assigned by DHCP or it can be a static one. In order for the multiplexer to obtain an automatic IP from the network/router you enter 0 in the IP Address text box (this is the default). In order to force a static IP you need to specify it, exactly, on the IP Address text box. Make sure that you enter an unused IP belonging to the DHCP pool of the existing network or router. If you enter 0 and you want to know the IP Address that the multiplexer gets from a DHCP router, you can use a browser to see this IP Address shown at the end of the explaining text referring to the External Network.

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