The NMEA4WIFI multiplexer always creates an AP (Access Point) network, to which smart-phones, tablets or computers can connect to receive and send data from and to the multiplexer. In this panel, you specify the name and the password of the wifi network that smart-phones, tablets and computers should use to join this network. In the AP network, NMEA4WIFI has the IP address and supports DHCP. A maximum of 5 clients can join the network and are assigned consecutive IP addresses (eg ...). Security is WPA2-PSK. Ssid and Password can have a maximum of 15 characters and a minimum of 4 and 8 characters, respectively. When you need to change any setting of the NMEA4WIFI multiplexer using a browser, you should connect to this network and then write in the navigation bar of the browser to get the settings web page.

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