Characteristic Nmea2Wifi Nmea4Wifi
Number of Processing Cores 1 2
Processor Clock 80 MHz 160 MHz
Nmea 0183 Input Ports 2 4
USB Input/Output Port Yes Yes
Nmea 0183 Output Port 1 1
Nmea 0183 Sentence Filtering No Yes
Software Update without Cables Yes Yes
Inputs with 38400 max Baud Rate 1 2
Inputs with 9600 max Baud Rate 1 2
Maximum Output Baud Rate 11520 115200
Simple Setup Using a Web Browser Yes Yes
Serial to Wifi and Wifi to Serial Yes Yes
Creates its Own Wifi Network Yes Yes
Can Connect to Existing Wifi Network Yes Yes
Internet UDP and TCP protocols Yes Yes
Opto-Isolation on all Inputs Yes Yes
Simulation Mode of Operation Yes Yes
Debug Mode Yes Yes
SeaTalk1 Input Support Yes Yes
12V Power Supply Voltage or USB  Yes  Yes 
Power Consumption Wifi ON/OFF in mA        70/30  90/10
30-Day Money Back  Yes Yes