How to change the default AP IP Address

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How to change the default AP IP Address

Post by Luis Sa » Fri Mar 15, 2019 12:09 am


A member of this forum and a long time tester of new developments of the multiplexers has called my attention to the fact that some Apps will need an IP address in AP mode different from Starting with firmware version 2.3 there is an hidden way to change this IP address as explained below. Note that if you change the IP Address the multiplexer is not able to communicate with the Nmea4Wifi Windows Tool.

So, in order to specify a given address you enter, for example:


in the SSID box. The 2 decimal points mean that the SSID is what is to the left and the IP ADDRESS is what is to the right.In the example the SSID will be taken as APNETNAME and the IP Address will be taken as If you specify a wrong address (say 192.168.1 or or 192,168.1.1 or ...) the default is taken.

Regards, Luis

PS: Ziga, if you read this and want to elaborate, please do!

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