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Discussions on how to get parts for the Beneteau Oceanis 40 sailing boat.
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Buying Online

Post by Luis Sa » Sat Sep 23, 2017 9:00 pm


I get most of the replacements for my Oceanis 40 from the internet. Many of these replacements are from the Italian brand Osculati. If you visit their homepage you can download a huge catalogue of more than 1,000 pages. Most online shops stock the Osculati range or a part of it. Here is a list of online shops that I recommend.

1) From the UK

Piplers of Poole - from where I ordered my present 3D Tender light dinghy. which was the only shop in Europe where I could get the wind pod for the ST70 instrument.

Charity and Taylor - in July 2016 my C90W chartplotter start to malfunction. I discovered in Ebay that this firm was selling new C90W chartplotters for the incredible low price of 600 GBP. I bought one and one week after I had it working in Thessaloniki marina to where it was dispatched. Later I discover that these two firms are the same (C&T and G-COMM)

2) From France - since our Oceabis 40 was delivered in Antibes in 2010, I ordered some items at that time from firms kike BigShip, UShip and Accastillage Diffusion. But if I had to buy from France now, I would probably choose

Rue de La Mer - they have a site in both French and English, they stock the Osculati range at good prices and they have a competitive shipping cost for EU countries.

3) From Spain - Accastillage Difusion has a good stock

4) From Greece - I prefer to go to the shops instead of ordering online. The online shop does not stock all the products that they have in the shops that you find over Greece. - I made the revision of my life-raft and life-jackets in 2013 and in 2016. I bought my new Epirb here also. The owner is Nikos and I truly recommend their service.

4) From Italy - This shop stocks all the Osculati range and has the best prices. Their shipping charges are very low except for Greece :( .

5) From Austria - they stock all the Osculati range. The prices are a little bit higher than the previous firm from Italy but they offer free shipping on orders greater than 250 euros (12 euros if less). Attention: they have webpages/shops in Spanish, English, Italian, Deutsche, French, ... but the prices shown on the Spanish and Italian webpages are lower than in the others. Since our boat is in Greece, I will be ordering some parts very soon.

Regards, Luis

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Re: Buying Online

Post by boat1 » Mon Feb 01, 2021 7:59 pm

Here are lifejackets and rafts equipment

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